Feb 28, 2011

Cloud Art

A famous Prince moment with the White Cloud turned into a colorful work of art!
Prince Limited Edition Print

Printed on Fine Acid Free Archival 24" x 17" Watercolor Paper The colors on this print are very rich, intense and vivid. There are many subtleties which do not appear due to the small size and limitations of the internet. Colors on each monitor slightly vary. The print looks much more beautiful than shown on the monitor! If you like the image on your monitor, you will love the print. The giclee print is comparable to a high quality lithograph. Permanent archival colors are used which will not fade or discolor. Murray Eisner's art is the finest quality. His art is in numerous Galleries and international collections. Hand numbered and signed. Limited Edition of 500 prints.

Natural Ergo Cloud

Wow.....what a beautiful work of art! A natural wood finish with dark edges like the traditional star burst look that sets it off beautifully! It also appears to have two little flower designs at the tip of the horn and on the head. It isn't the standard Cloud size and specs that Prince uses but they said it's more of a tribute rather than a replica.Below there is a link to an ebay site that has this one for sale. The company Ergo Instruments mostly make upright bass guitars but this is a awesome side project if you ask me. They said it sells for about $999.00, not bad for all you cloud lovers who are still looking to get one! I did not find a place on the website to where you could actually order one so I think you would have to contact them by e-mail and have them custom build it for you. I'm waiting for a reply back from them myself so If I hear anything about how to one of these beauties I'll pass it on!

Homemade Blue Cloud

Here's an awesome homemade cloud which looks like it has been done in the rave blue color with a natural wood fretboard. Good job guys....a cloud in any configuration or color is beautiful!


Feb 25, 2011

Cloud Wanted In NYC....ASAP!

If anyone has a Cloud guitar in the New York City area let me know if you would be willing to rent or loan it out. I had a request for one to be used in a film shoot in the next few days. I don't have any more details about it than that. If your interested send me an email at digifuwil@yahoo.com and I will forward it to the requesting party. Thanks

Feb 10, 2011

Cloud Guitar Earings

For the woman who has everything! Just when I thought I've seen everything related to the Cloud guitar I find something new and unique. I don't know if they are still available but I'll add the link.


Feb 1, 2011

Cloud Under Glass

Here are a few Clouds on display in various Hard Rock Cafe's around the world....I think the first photo is in Beijing and the third photo is in Minneapolis. It's sad that there are so many Cloud guitars kept under glass all over the world when there are so many people that I talk to who would love to own one! I think we should start a movement to free all of these works of art from there captors! Who's with me?