Mar 23, 2021

More of Noah's Cloud!

Thank you Noah Payne for sending me some more amazing photos of your classic cloud guitar!


Mar 22, 2021

Artful Living Magazine

Uncovering the True Origins of Prince's Iconic Cloud Guitar | Artful Living Magazine

This is a great article about the origins of the cloud guitar which we now all know was originally a bass version that the iconic white cloud was based and made famous by Dave Rusan but wes originally designed by Jeff Levin. There are so many new bits of info on how Prince ended up with it. Some things I knew but there was so much that I didn't. Andrea Swensson did a great job in putting this article together and thank you Troy Gua for bringing it to my attention! It's a great read...Long live the cloud!

Jul 13, 2020

The Bronze Cloud

The Prince Henderson Legacy Project Inc. is finally complete and on display in Henderson Minneapolis! They did an amazing job and after a few fixes this work of art is available for all to see. The main focus of course for me is the amazing cloud guitar and even though he had moved onto the symbol guitar in this era it's still nice to see it with him. The cloud guitar is so iconic and it will forever be a part of this great man! Thank you Prince Legacy Henderson Project Inc. for doing such a wonderful job with love and respect to our friend...Prince Rogers Nelson.

May 12, 2020

Prince Legacy Henderson Statue!

From inception to the final the physical mold and finally the assembly it looks like this statue is coming along very nicely!

Jan 17, 2020

Reithens Darth Cloud?

Reithen Satire Curtis is building himself a cloud starting with black hardware....hmmmm! I have always loved the all black clouds that I've seen over the years but funny enough I've never had one. Our boy Prince used one for a short period and I see the ESP clouds in black quite a bit! Most of the time the hardware is gold or to see what Reithen comes up with! (No pressure my friend!) You have to name it Vader right?