May 26, 2012

20 Iconic Guitars

According to RollingStone magazine it looks like the Cloud comes in at #6! I have to say it's in some great company!

1999 Word Art

May 24, 2012

Kevin's Art!

Here's a great piece of cloud guitar artwork by Kevin Gregory!

Say Hello 2 His Little Friend!

Alex's Blue Angel! The tambourine isn't bad! I love the blue on the top of the knobs! I never get tired of seeing all the unique cloud guitars out there! Thanks for showing us Alex!

May 6, 2012

Gee - E - Double - T , O - F - F

Troy Gua has done it yet again! A perfect reproduction of a few scenes from the "Gett Off" video! I can almost hear him wait that from the video I'm watching! The yellow cloud really looks good and stands out great in these photos! It's one thing to build a perfect likeness of Prince but all the outfits and props to go along with it are just amazing and to top it off with the wonderful photography of all these iconic moments from his career is just too much! Thanks again Troy!

Update, Kev's Clouds

The yellow and the black cloud looks really great together! Check out the Bat fret marks on the Black cloud! Great job Kev!

A little trouble with the blue one though! Even split it looks good!

Derrick's Purple Cloud

Derrick has gone to the purple side! The purple cloud guitars are by far the rarest to see, let alone to own! Great job Derrick....I'm officially jealous!