Aug 10, 2014

Cloud Guitar Wall Art!

This Piece of art was made by Jon Sojka over at This is a non-playing cloud guitar that was made just to hang on my wall as art on display. I seen some of the beautiful wood working he had done and asked him if he would be able to make this for me and I'm glad I did! He did an amazing job on it and far exceeded my expectations! I let him choose the woods since he knows a lot more about that than I do and the symbols were a total surprise! Don't worry I'm not leaving it outside....that is just for this photo shoot! The cloud as you all know is a complex guitar to build and it took a little time but was soooo well worth it! Thanks again to you for your amazing work Jon!

There Ya Go, There Ya Go....My Horny Pony!

From the mind of Troy Gua! Troy continues to blow my mind with his art....first this drawing of P as a centaur with a unicorn horn and holding a cloud guitar! Then there are those heels, the! I really had a "what the" moment when I first seen it....but I loved it! Then he took it to the next level by making an actual model of it....damn! I guarantee you if that was in the stores it would sell out in minutes! Check out the T-Shirt at the bottom! Whats next.....maybe a life size marble statue of it on the lawn at Paisley Park?  Troy? Prince? I'm just saying!