Sep 23, 2010

The Bat Cloud

Lots of chat about this cloud guitar lately here and over on the site. What makes this Blue Angel special are the bat symbol inlays between the frets! These are the best pic's I've seen of's just one of those rare cloud things that make it even more special!

Below are bat stickers that would work pretty well if your planning to make your own Bat Cloud!

Sep 22, 2010

Cynthia Rose

She Always stood at the back of the line with a Cloud guitar beneath her nose!
Ok so I changed the words a little but Cynthia Rose is the name of L.T.'s new Bass Cloud....the big sister of his blue Cloud, Anna Stesia. I love the Burgundy color complete with the leopard strap and I'll bet it sounds great! I haven't seen a bass cloud since A.C. used one back in the day! Great job L.T., Keep on making them!

Sep 21, 2010

A White Cloud Moment

I never meant 2 cause U any sorrow
I never meant 2 cause U any pain
I only wanna one time see U laughing
I only want 2 see U laughing in the Purple Rain.......

Sep 19, 2010

Cloud Guitar Blueprints

Here are some great schematics of the Cloud Guitar I found online. There is a link below which will take you to the original site. Any of you who have built a Cloud or are thinking about building one I'm sure this site will be a great help to you! I took the original plans and added the blue tint to it to give it that blueprint look. I'm thinking of just using the blueprints and displaying them in a frame for my wall at home!

Mini Yellow Cloud

Heres a cute Mini Yellow Cloud for sale for about $40.00

Sep 17, 2010

More Peach Cloud!

Cloud Art

Here is another wonderful work of art by PrinceSsCarmilla from deviantART. A portrait of Prince and the Blue Angel during the Lovesexy tour.

Sep 14, 2010

Peach & Black Prince Top 20 Songs

This is the Peach & Black Podcast of the all time top 20 Prince songs! It was great to listen to and there were a few surprises in it! I was surprised on what songs were in the top 20 and more surprised on what wasn't on the list! I know there are alot of Prince top 10 or 20 lists all around the net but this was a great one! Enjoy!

Sep 10, 2010

Flying Cloud

Look up in the's your guitar! I've seen him throw his guitar before but I've never seen him throw it that high! I hope his guitar tech caught it!

Sep 5, 2010

Cloud Art

Here's a great work of art featuring the Yellow Cloud guitar that takes us back to the Diamonds & Pearls era. J-Ace from deviantart is the artist. Everyday I seem to find more wonderful works of art featuring our favorite guitar! Thanks again J-Ace!

Clouds Of Color

The Triplets

Three White Clouds surrounded by the Model C and a Purple Habibi!

ebay White Cloud Keychain

Wow check this out! I found this White Cloud guitar keychain on ebay. I think it was sold at his concerts but this is the kind of thing Prince should be selling on his website....if he had one!

Sep 4, 2010

1985 AMA's

Prince & The Revolution performed "Purple Rain" at the 1985 American Music Awards and just absolutely killed it! The White Cloud was front and center in this clip and it looked and sounded great! I don't even remember what happened with the rest of the show after but it was pretty much over for me after that! I feel bad for whoever had to follow that act! I have heard and seen alot of his performances of "Purple Rain" over the years but this will always be one of my favorites. If you were lucky enough to see it at the time and weren't a fan you were when it was over!

Sep 2, 2010

Cloud Art / Prince Posters

Carmilla has done some beautiful prince posters including this one featuring the White Cloud guitar! A classic look with the purple trench coat completes the poster! Check out her other posters by clicking the link below!

Sep 1, 2010

Black Bell Cloud On ebay!

They are asking $3,000.00 for it....I'm tempted but I think I've bought enough toys for one year! The Fretboard Music Co. is proud to introduce some very cool, very innovative, very toneful, Bell Custom Guitars. Bell Custom Guitars are meticulously handcrafted for quality, value and expression. Fusing the finest quality tone wood and EMG pickups, and the art of new design achieves a truly unique creation! This one is the Bell Custom Guitars The Cloud Guitar also a familiar shape that can be associated with Prince with a distinct tone! The Cloud Guitar is a Custom build and just turned out fantastic!
Body: Maple
Pickups: EMG's
Fretboard: Rosewood
Scale: 25.5"
Neck profile: Medium, 1.695"


Sean's Friends Creation!

Check out this awesome pink homemade Cloud that was also built by a friend of Sean's. He made it by using parts from a Fender he got at a pawn shop for the neck and hardware but the spirit of the cloud guitat is there! I was blown away when I first saw it.....I love the color and the blue fret marks too! This is the first Cloud I've seen with a pickgaurd and it looks great on there!