Jun 27, 2012

Cloud Guitar Plans

I think the original website where I got these blueprints isn't up any more so I thought I woud repost these plans of the cloud guitar for those who are building or thinking of building one. These are the basic dimensions but feel free to create you own one of a kind cloud!

The Le Petit Prince Invasion!

Just doing some posing with my toys and some art work created by the very talented  Troy Gua.

Jun 23, 2012

K.G.'s Batcloud!

It's the Blue Angel....or is it? It's the infamous reproduction of the rarely photographed Blue Angel with the yellow / gold bats between the frets (non-playable version).  ! There are very few blue angels out there and none with the bat insignia on it as far as I know.....except possibly one that may be in the paisley Park vault! Great job Kevin!

Jun 21, 2012

Jun 18, 2012

Purple Rain, Cloud Guitar - Nissan GTR 2010

I wish I had a little more detail about this car but for now the photos will have to do! i don't know if it was part of the forza game or a real car but either way......I like it!

Cloud Art

Lovin His Cloud!

Qaid Amir Ali (purplefunklover) with a few candid shots with his cloud guitar!

The Princemobile Fnord Pt. 2

A few more graphics have been added to Jesse Blue's Princemobile! The iconic Purple Rain lettering as well as the flower pattern that adorns the roof! The next step from what I understand will be a leopard print interior! Can't wait to see that!

Jun 6, 2012

The Princemobile Fnord!

Jesse blue's ride! I can picture Prince and Apollonia rolling around in this! The owner says it's still a work in progress but I would drive it just like it is! He's going to have some white decals made for the hood that will read 'Prince' in the upper left corner, and 'And The Revolution' on the lower right side. The roof will be white and covered in the famous floral pattern and the interior will be covered in the leopard skin pattern...wow! This truck will be turning a few heads! I love the paisley paint job as well as the Prince sign on the tailgate! The cloud guitar on the hood makes this the ultimate "Princemobile" in my book!  Very awesome Jesse!

Look up 'Principia Discordia' for an explanation of Fnord.

Yellow Cloud 4 Sale

Wow....how about these two beautiful clouds? I've posted a few pic's of Daniels stunning Brazilian wood guitar before but these photos really let you see the detail in it! I have to say that it has to be one of the mot stunning clouds I've seen and I'm sure the photos isn't doing it justice! I love the wood grain and the inlay in the curls as well as the fret markers. Great job Daniel! The yellow one is just as beautiful and I already have my bid in...lol!

Daniel is selling the yellow cloud in this pic if anyones interested.....buyn new strings for it today. email me at satyayuga777@gmail.com thanks!

Jun 3, 2012

Cloud Art

Is this where all cloud guitars are created?

L.T.'s New Black Cloud!

A new unfinished black cloud guitar being created by L.T. and yes, he said it's for sale!

A Request

I got this in a comment....anybody selling?

@ALL Want cloud of any color, please call 972-342-1004. Kindly!