Aug 14, 2017

Cool Cloud Graphics

Seen some pretty cool cloud graphics. I've never used this website so I don't know about the quality of the products but I might get a few mugs.

Aug 13, 2017

Paisley Park Clouds 4 Sale!

Paisley Park has sent e-mails to people who previously ordered and purchased the blue or white cloud guitars last year. They are now offering the Peach & Yellow limited edition Schecter cloud guitars. I have a feeling these might go pretty fast. It looks like they are asking for $1,800 up front. No $250.00 first then the rest later. I'm guessing they are doing this to insure the buyers won't back out later on. I hope everyone who wants one has a chance to get one. Good Luck!

Aug 10, 2017

Blue Mood

A rare photo of Prince with his Blue Angel.

Jul 24, 2017

LoveSexy Era Cloud Guitar

The Blue Angel has never looked better! Thanks to David Bauchet for sharing them! Awesome shot David.......but where is the green apple?  lol!
I wish u ❤️ I wish u heaven

Purple Rain Era Cloud

Davis Bauchet's beautiful White Cloud guitar display including the albums, singles and posters!   Why didn't I think of doing this?

Jul 12, 2017

David Rusan's #5

Wow....from the man himself! A beautiful purple cloud guitar!

Jul 11, 2017

Very Rare Cloud!

Ok,  a left handed, orange cloud guitar........with white symbol fret markers!  Wow! It has to be one of the most coolest and unique cloud guitars ever! Thanks for letting me post this Rudy!

Jul 10, 2017

Damn, I Thought I Had A Problem!

Damn Eric! Ok this is a great problem to have! This is a pic from Eric Thery's FB. The dude has 3 white clouds....3! 😲   I thought I had a lot!  Awesome collection man!

Jun 29, 2017

A Sweet Purple Lefty Cloud!

What a beautiful Cloud! Royal Purple and gold on this stunning cloud! Thank you Robert for letting me use this pic!

K.G. Done Did It Again!

It has some glitter but it ain't gold ya'lll! Made by Mr. Kevin Gregory! Loving everything about it right down to the spade fret marks which Prince used on his peach cloud!  Well done Sir!


Pink Cloud!

Photo Posted by Paul Savage.

Jun 20, 2017

Italian Prince Party!

On June 7th 2017 Rudy Giorgio Panizzi had an Italian Prince party where he presented his book "Sometimes it Snows In April" and also exhibited his Rave Blue Schecter cloud guitar! Just Check out all the cool stuff he has in this room.....aside from the obvious cloud guitar the Luke Skywalker cutout that's dressed to the 9's has to be my favorite thing! Thank you for sharing this Rudy!

May 31, 2017

Stanley's Beautiful Cloud!

Wow, Just received his new cloud from the awesome Kevin Gregory! Thats how I fell about every cloud guitar I see! Hold on to it Stanley.....don't let it go!

Cloud Art

Cloud In Case!

Cloud Art

May 27, 2017

Best Table Setting Ever!

Thank you Patrice Files
Now bring on the pancakes!

Sometimes It Snows In April (Book)

I got a very cool e-mail from a guy who wrote a book all about Prince with one of the chapters dedicated to his guitars. He has been a fan his whole life and he also has his own artwork in the book as well! He is trying to get it translated and published for the U.S. so we will have a chance to get it! He sent me a few photos of it posing with his beautiful rave blue cloud guitar! 
Thank U Rudy

May 13, 2017

Building A Cloud!

Great Cloud Display!

Cloud Art

The Wall

The Kid!

Cloud Art!

Ruff Looking Cloud!

I'n not sure on the backstory on this cloud but it was posted by Shyota Nakagawa. It looks like a Edwards ESP to me but I think it's seen better days! But I still love it!

May 7, 2017

The Last Cloud?

Wow....I finally received the new blue cloud from Paisley Park and it looks great and it looks even better with it's family! Will this be my last cloud? I was asked if I would be getting anymore but at this time I don't know. the only ones left would be the Batman / Graffiti Bridge black cloud and the Superbowl orange cloud. Who knows...if it happens it happens! The peuple cloud in the second row came to me a few months ago and it is stunning! I know he never made a purple one but how could I not get that! Thanks to all the people who helped make this happen over the years!

May 5, 2017


Finally....this one has eluded me for along time but almost 17 years later I have it! I had a chance to get one when I got my white cloud but it was just too much money at the time. I always regretted it but now all is well....I just need a bigger place! It was never my intention to collect guitars like this but it just kind of happened.  It really is beautiful and I'm diggin the purple lined case too!

Orange Cloud Mystery Solved!

We have all seen this photo for years which appeared around the time Prince was to do the Superbowl.

We all assumed that was what he was gonna use but he opted for the purple symbol instead. Had never seen another pic of it....until now! They do not mention anything about the Super Bowl but at least now I know it exists!

May 4, 2017

The Alpha Cloud

Originally a bass guitar it was the inspiration for the iconic cloud guitar used by Prince. in 1978 Prince purchased it for Andre Cymone when they were out in L.A. working on the 4U album. It has appeared in videos over the years like "My Name Is Prince" and "Why U wanna Treat Me so Bad". Word has it that it still resides in Paisley Park somewhere.