Dec 12, 2012

12 - 12 - 1 2

Well I had to post something on this very rare day!

Dec 4, 2012

Black ESP Sugizo's

I think this gentalman is comparing the two different types of Sugizo clouds...the 100 and the 110 models. I guess there are slight differences but they look pretty close to me! Either way these are beautiful cloud guitars! Below is a video of a player doing some shredding!




ESP Segizo White Cloud Video!

It seems like he's just practicing and trying some stuff out. The vid starts off really slow then it kicks into gear about the 13 min mark. It's like 40 minutes long so I doubt that you could sit through the whole thing but I just thought it was a cool look at the ESP in action.

Dec 2, 2012


Thanks to Frankie R for the artwork and Lisa P who coined the phrase Cloudgasm because that is exactly what this is!

New Cloud Guitar Header!

I'd like to thank Wes Swick for designing a new cloud guitar header for the blog! He really did an amazing job and it will be a little easier to change colors from time to time! He still has some more details to do so I'll be looking forward to those as well!

New Ergo Bass Cloud Finished!

Another amazing cloud from the amazing Jesse O'Neil at Ergo Instruments! I feel extremely honored to be able to have the chance to own not only one but now two of his creations! His latest creation is a 4 string bass, mahogany with maple fingerboard and symbol fret markers (thanks L.T.) along with his signature rosette on the horn and headstock! Jesse told me the markers were tricky at first but he quickly mastered it! The plate on the heah as well as the back plate are chrome plates that are basically mirrors which look amazing on this already cool bass! Chrome Pickups as well as he cream binding that sets the whole thing off! Thanks again Jesse...your the man!