Aug 30, 2011

The Emerald Isle Cloud "Zannalle"

As far as Dave knows his is the only cloud guitar in Ireland! This is his great looking homemade rave blue cloud with black hardware called "Zannalle" that took him 8 months to build! If there are anymore coluds in Ireland he may find out real soon! Great job Dave.....I love seeing a new cloud guitar where ever it may be!

Aug 28, 2011

Clouds On Display

Most of the guitars you see on display like this are in Hard Rock Cafe's around the world. They were either donated or purchased for the displays! The plaque on the white cloud guitar reads....

"This white cloud guitar with gold hardware was commissioned by Prince, but not delivered due to malfunctioning pickups"

I'm not sure why they couldn't fix the pickups but that just one of those storys we might never understand.

Aug 24, 2011

Was I dreaming When I Saw This?

The EVH inspired Cloud guitar is finished! I can't think of a more wild but cool combination of Rock & Funk! Instead of the 5150 numbers below the bridge he has the 1999 numbers which I thought was a great idea! Sorry to say this one is already spoken for but I know it will have a great home. Can't wait to see what Jesse comes up with next!

Aug 22, 2011

New Peach Cloud 4 Sale!

This Peach cloud guitar has only been out of the box for a few weeks so it's in perfect condition but the owner needs to sell it with a starting bid of $2,950.99 on ebay (see link below). It's rare that these clouds come around for sale so if you want one heres your chance!

Aug 21, 2011

Rick's Sexy Red Cloud!

Rick Knight's red could and the rest of the family!

Aug 16, 2011

Best Of Both Worlds!

No your not seeing things.....Jesse Blu is in the middle of making a Eddie Van Halen inspired Cloud Guitar! What a cool combination if you ask me! A legendary paint scheme with a legendary guitar! Jesse has had this in the works for a long time and it looks like it will be done pretty soon....I'll post the finished pics when I get them!

The Inspiration

Aug 15, 2011

Duck's Black & White Clouds

Having one of these would be great but both? How cool would it be to have twin cloud guitars in both black and white! Duck Mosmans is the lucky guy who has them both and to top it off he got them both for $600.00! They are both Edwards cloud guitars and Duck has changed the black hardware on the white clous from black to white as you can see in the bottom photo. Thats a great pair of bookends if you ask me! Thanks to Duck for sharing them with us!

Aug 13, 2011

The Black Cloud

This cloud wasn't seen enough in my opinion.....he played both the white and black clouds during the Parade tour!

Aug 10, 2011

Yellow Cloud Still 4 Sale

A few weeks ago I put up a post about someone who wanted to sell his yellow cloud guitar. Alot of people had trouble contacting him because it turns out that the info was wrong. He sent me the correct info if anyone is still interested.
The Email is Or just call or text me 646-977-6390

All That Glitters Ain't So!

Yesterday this mysterious photo appeared over on and I have to say it had me a little excited at first.....the date on the photo said 2009 and it was obviously a cloud guitar and what appeared to be Prince even though he is hidden in the shadows!
I followed up and searched for more photos of this and found a full photo of the cloud and a mirror shot of a Prince impersonator who must have been doing a gig at the time. Damn....I wanted it to be true but it wasn't to be! How weird is it that I had just posted the Superbowl commercial of what I think is one of the last sightings of the cloud! All that aside I have to say this impersonator has a great looking cloud! I'll try to track down some more photos of it if I can!

A Proud Papa Again!

No not another baby but a Blue Angel cloud guitar.....I guess you can say that little Mayte has a new sister though! Recently purchased from it's previous owner Stephen Lunt who has quite a collection himself! I had a smile on my face for a month after I got mine so I know how Paul feels! Wishing Paul and his family well in the UK.....peace!

Last Cloud Sighting?

The Superbowl promo commercial is one of the last known sightings of the cloud guitar but as we all know he ended up using the symbol guitar the Hohner and the Fender.....almost everything but the cloud! Why Prince Why?

Aug 9, 2011

OOH! What A Cloud!

"OOH" is the name of the band that Matthew Hodge plays in up in northern California and he will bring out his custom cloud guitar in occasion to jam with! This is a truly unique cloud guitar and I've seen alot! From what I can tell it is more of a cream color with a funky swirl circling around the duel pick-ups! Matthew tells me that it's a Pro Ceed (by Edwards/ESP)- Sugizo custom. On the head it has a double curl instead of one which gives it even more uniqueness! It also is sporting some cool designs between the frets! This is an all around cool cloud guitar and this band has a new fan!
This is the link to one of the bands videos. In the video he's using a "Talk Box" with the cloud.....thats a first for me! How cool is that!