Aug 5, 2011

She's A Peach!

That's what Douglas, the new owner of this brand new beautiful peach cloud told me! He had it custom made by Bell Custom Guitars and from what I understand they will custom build one for you to your exact specs......I think I'll be calling them soon! The peach cloud was always one of my favorite color clouds but any color would be good for me! The price will depend on what you want but from what I've seen on their website it might be around $2,500.00 and up but still well worth it in my book! I can't believe I've missed their website for so long so thanks again to Douglas for sharing his photos and giving hope to those cloud lovers who have been desperately looking for one!

1 comment:

  1. Great.I dream of having a peach cloud guitar just like yours.
    Did you buy that one ?