Jan 29, 2014

Tad Hoshiya Cloud Guitar Art!

Seriously......how cool is this?

Tad Hoshiya has created an incredible work of art combining our favorite guitar with Prince & the Revolution! This has to be inspired by the "Around The World In A Day" era artwork that was all over the albums and maxi-Singles. I really love how he has combined these two things! Everybody give him a shout and let him know how awesome this is! Please Tad.....make this into a T-Shirt!

Darlin Nikki

I knew a bass named Nikki I guess U can say she was a funk fiend!


Prince / White Cloud Print 4 Sale


Jan 16, 2014

The Collection

Wow....this collection is getting out of control but I love it! I purchased white cloud by Schecter back in 2000 and I guess I couldn't stop! The latest is the Blue Angel built by Jesse O'Neal which is an amazing Peice of art! Not done yet though, there are two more pieces to this puzzle before I'm satisfied and you cloud lovers know which ones I'm talking about!  Maybe 3?