Nov 24, 2012

Stan's Rave Blue Cloud!

Stan's a very happy cloud guitar owner and it's a beautiful Rave blue with symbol fret markers and yes I'm super jealous! It's always nice to welcome another cloud owner to the family!

Nov 22, 2012

RollingStone Cover 2012

I assume this cover will make it's way to America but for now it's only on the german cover of Rollong Stone Magazine. I haven't been too happy with the kid lately but this brings back some great memories!

Cute Prince Tee!


Nov 16, 2012

Electric Mandola Cloud?

A purple electric mandoa I found over on pinterest that has a few resemblances to the cloud!

Lisa's Cloud Guitar Pins!

Shipped all the way from Japan Lisa P finally got her cloud guitar pin's and they really look great! In both the white and peach versions here and I am surprised in the amount of detail they have on them from the knobs to the strings and the curls....they were made really well! Much more detail than you would see in the (Hard Rock Cafe') versions. She added a few coins to give you some idea of the size/scale of them but she says they are about 2" long. She says she might lose them with in a week because of the size but these things are too cool to lose! Wear them proudly Lisa!

Nov 13, 2012

The Unthinkable Has Happended!

If you haven't heard Prince's lawyers sent a ceast & desist order to Troy Gua, the creator of LPP who has given so much joy for the last year! Here is what Troy said.....

Hello, Friends.
It is with a heavy heart that I write this - I have been issued a cease & desist order from Prince’s attorneys. This means that the Le Petit Prince project has reached its untimely end and must be removed from the internet by Friday, November 16, 4pm PST. There are many points touched upon in the order, and I will, of course, comply with their demands, whether I agree with them as matters of artistic freedom or not. I simply do not wish to fight with my hero, and it is terribly disheartening to think that he may hold ill will towards me and this project. I wrote back to the attorneys and told them I would indeed comply, but wanted to address some of the issues brought up in their letter. I’d like to share these paragraphs with you, which contains sentiments that I hold dear and true:
“Any products sold are returning no profit to me - they are simply a meager means to fund and continue the LPP project, which is a work of fine art. And this funding, I would argue, is anything but “ill-gotten gains”. That term pains me, as I do not intend, nor have I ever intended to profit from Prince without his consent. I have, in fact, refused countless pleas to recreate the sculpture and make it available for sale because I felt that that would indeed be attempting to profit illegally. The recreation of album art and iconic imagery, on the other hand, I felt was within my creative rights as an artist. This is artwork that I have made as a loving tribute to an artist that has inspired me for decades, and has shaped the person I have become. And this tribute has grown into something that I never foresaw nor intended - a joyful and positive experience for many, many people around the world. It has, to my utter amazement, brought so much happiness to so many, building a following and a momentum that has demanded it endure and expand.
I have, actually, attempted through modest connections to Mr. Nelson, to contact him to no avail. He is not an easy person to reach out to. I, on the other hand, am very easy to engage, and was actually, perhaps foolishly, hoping for contact from him regarding this project in a much more congenial form. If I had any possible way of reaching Mr. Nelson to ask him his thoughts on this matter or to propose a creative business venture, believe me, I would have. I would love nothing more, and would relish the opportunity to do so, still.”
The words “thank you” could never adequately qualify the truly staggering gratitude I feel towards everyone who fueled the passion for this project with their words of support and praise, with their love and positivity, and with their all around good will. This project grew into what it became because of you. Although I am saddened beyond words that it has reached its end, and that it has ended this way, I am also deeply grateful and happy beyond words that I’ve had this rare opportunity to make so many new friends, to make so many people smile, and to make so many tiny sets of funky clothes. 
I hope we can continue to be in touch in another corner of this great big universe somewhere. And I hope you had fun. I know I did. 

For LPP, Troy Gua signing off...
Don't let it end like this....Send Troy some love


Nov 8, 2012

Finished 5-String Ergo Bass....and it's 4 Sale!

A beautifully crafted 5-string Ergo bass cloud guitar crafted by Jesse O'Neal.

The first one to send $1999 + $35 shipping in the Continental US gets it! I'll even throw in the extra groovy turqoise studded 2.5" padded leather strap.. It should fit right into any standard bass guitar gig bag (not included)
DiMarzio Ultra Jazz pickups.. My all time personal favorite- The pickups are rather close together, which is bound to cause comment- The neck pickup is in exactly the same spot as the neck pickup of a Fender Jazz, and the bridge pickup is in the Rickenbacker bridge spot.. That's my personal favorite- It's simply the funkiest 'sweet spot' to put a pickup on a bass guitar.
3 piece Mahogany/Black Walnut/Mahogany set neck, maple fingerboard, stainless steel frets, 2 way truss rod, zero fret, brass nut, 1-23/32" nut width
2 piece mahogany body, cream appointments, chrome hardware- 500k volume, Fender TBX Tone Control, 3 way Gibson style toggle pickup selector. Through body stringing obviously, I varied the shape here- I'm not sure what the general consensus is regarding varying Charles Fox's original design, but for me, this looks, and certainly feels much more like a 'bass'- This most certainly isn't a criticism, but I'd rather this be looked at as 'variations on a theme' rather than 'tribute', or 'copy', or whatever people come up with to critique.


A Very Cool "OOH!" Poster!

I would totally buy this poster if it were for sale!

Nov 3, 2012

Nobuaki's Cloud Guitar!

I tried to translate what I could from Nobuaki's facebook page for info about his cloud guitar. He said he bought this guitar at a Ikebe dealer in Tokyo which is basically a musical instrument store but that's all I know about the history of it. It doesn't look like Schecter or a Esp Edwards/Sugizo so I'm guessing it was handmade by someone. Anyway it's a beautiful cloud guitar and I love the metallic purple and blue/green chromalusion paint job! The pickups are EMG's I believe. He also had a photo of a black mini cloud as well so I added it to the post....thanks to Nobuaki for all the info about this very unique and awesome cloud guitar! I hope this post translates well!
私が翻訳しようとした私は彼のクラウド·ギターについての詳細は伸明のFacebookページから可能性があります。彼は基本的に楽器店にあるが、私はそれの歴史について知っているすべてだ東京の池辺販売店でこのギターを買ったと述べた。私はそれが誰かによって手作りであった​​と推測しているので、それはシェクターやESPエドワーズ/ SUGIZOのように見えない。とにかくそれは美しい雲のギターだと私は金属製の紫と緑/青chromalusionの塗装の仕事を愛しています!ピックアップはEMGの私は信じています。うまくいったので、私はポストにそれを加えたとして、彼はまた、黒のミニ雲の写真を持っていた....この非常にユニークで素晴らしい雲のギターについてのすべての情報については伸明のおかげで!

Nov 1, 2012

Let The Funk Begin!

Jesse O'Neal is finished with this beautifully crafted 4 string cloud bass!  Wow....I'm so not worthy but I'll give it a! This man should get an award for his creations! Gonna have to come up with a funky name to go along with it! Jesse has put his personal touches on it from the rose florets on the head and horn to the cream binding that looks so great next to that natural wood finish! The chrome hardware really sets if off as well at the symbols between the frets (thanks L.T.). I'm looking forward to seeing it in person......thanks so much Jesse, U R da man!

Shredasarus 4 Sale!

Heres a funky axe thats looking for a new owner!

SMOKIN' custom hand carved, original design shredasaurus guitar (shown). That's a REAL Floyd Rose on it, and I can't begin to express what a difference that makes- I've always opted for the 'licenced by' Floyds, as they're usually 1/2 the cost, but now I'm a believer- If you're a whammy guy, and don't want the Hipshot (which is my favorite), the only other one that'll do is a real Floyd... Walnut neck, 2 piece Honduran Mahogany body, Ebony fingerboard (43mm wide at the nut), Seymour Duncan Full Shred humbucker, and a Seymour Duncan 'US-1' single coil.

Contact Jesse O'Neal if  your interested!