Nov 1, 2012

Shredasarus 4 Sale!

Heres a funky axe thats looking for a new owner!

SMOKIN' custom hand carved, original design shredasaurus guitar (shown). That's a REAL Floyd Rose on it, and I can't begin to express what a difference that makes- I've always opted for the 'licenced by' Floyds, as they're usually 1/2 the cost, but now I'm a believer- If you're a whammy guy, and don't want the Hipshot (which is my favorite), the only other one that'll do is a real Floyd... Walnut neck, 2 piece Honduran Mahogany body, Ebony fingerboard (43mm wide at the nut), Seymour Duncan Full Shred humbucker, and a Seymour Duncan 'US-1' single coil.

Contact Jesse O'Neal if  your interested!

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