Jan 2, 2018

Cloud Colors?

I get asked this quite a bit "What are the color codes for the clouds? " and honestly....I don't know. I'm sure each cloud has it's own color code # specific to that cloud but I don't know if it's ever been made available. I'm sure you can make an educated guess but that's all it will be.

Last year I got the yellow and the peach clouds from PP but I already had a yellow and peach clouds prior to that. The Peach is quite close in color but the Paisley Park yellow is quite a bit lighter then my first yellow cloud ...almost pale in comparison. The thing is they both look great to me! You would think if that's what PP issued it must be right....right? I remember when I got my white cloud I was shocked on how off-white it was. I was more of a pearlescent than white.

If your a purist and want or need to have that exact color you might have to do some research or give Mr. Dave Rusan a call......if anyone can answer this question...he can!

Line Guitars

I was sent these pic's last year which I somehow overlooked but Here are the pic's of this beauty! I'll add the link down below with a little more info on it. No your not seeing things the head stock is reversed...but ya know what? It still looks good!

Jan 1, 2018

2 Boys 1 Cloud!

Thanks to James Houdek for letting me post this awesome pic of what I hope are the next generation of Prince fans! 

Noah's Purple Cloud!

Check out Noah Payne's purple cloud guitar! It looks really good...it's always great to see another cloud joining the family! Thanks for letting me post it Noah!

Dec 30, 2017

D&P Era

Thanks to David Bauchet for posting this very cool collection of the Diamonds & Pearls era topped off this the sexy yellow cloud! Check out the laser disc D&P video! 

Grube Guitars - La Cloud

A very cool cloud guitar that Reithen Satire Curtis posted on his FB page! I always love seeing new and different cloud guitars! Nice job guys! On the website it is for sale for 4840 Euro or about $5,800.00 US if I did my conversion right.  let me know I did that right. I would love to have it but that's a little bit out of my range!

Dec 14, 2017

The Classic Cloud

The latest from Dave Rusan at Rusan Guitar works! The beautiful classis white cloud guitar with gold hardware and gold fret & fret markers.  Stunning!