Mar 31, 2011

The Rave Blue Cloud In Action

Prince playing the Rave Blue Cloud!

The Spotted Cloud

Just having some fun with my clouds were harmed in the making of this photo!

Mar 30, 2011

Mar 26, 2011

My Ergo Cloud 2.0

Dearly beloved......we R gathered here today to witness the birth of another cloud.....the newest creation from Jesse Blue over at After seeing his original cloud I was floored and when I heard that he was building a second one you didn't have to ask me twice and I jumped on it! He sent some of the photo of it as he was working on it and it just got me more and more excited!The body is mahogany which gives it a really rich look and sound in my opinion and there are tiny freckles (beauty marks) on the wood which gives it a great unique look and adds some character to it.....I hope the photos show some of that! The pickups and knobs are a cream color along with the binding that goes around the entire cloud and even into the curl around the output jack! That's what really sets the look of this cloud off! There is a cream color cover on the back and Jesse added pick holder (which is just the coolest thing ever) at the bottom on the rear. The headstock and horn are adorned with his signature rose florette's! you can probably tell I'm pretty excited so it might take me a little while to come back down to earth...LOL!

Jesse has informed me that he is working on a third cloud guitar in gold! I don't have any other details than that right now but if anyone is interested in it contact him at or your more than welcome to send me a note and I'll pass it on to him!

Paweł Gunsess Oziabło- Dreamcatcher Etude Cloud Guitar

Prince Life

Life magazine captures a moment during the Lovesexy Tour of Prince obviously killing it with the Peach Cloud!

Pawel's Cloud - Finished!

Pawel's cloud is finished and it looks great! A great addition to the cloud universe! The builders name is Krzysztof Gryniewicz (my luthier). It's made from a single piece of bubinga wood and with some vintage EMG81 humbucker, and 2x EMG se singles. Gold hardware finishes off this beauty along with the gold frets as well! The hole on back is bigger than usual because he has 2 single coil pickups and 5 way switch. I know Pawel will enjoy this cloud for a long, long time! Ok...start jammin Pawel!

Here's Pawel in action with his new cloud!

Pawel's Cloud - The Build

My friend Pawel form Poland has been keeping me updated on his cloud guitar project and has finally finished it so here are the photos of his build.....I'll post the finished photos in the next post! His cloud is made from a single piece of wood and was hand made by his friend Krzysztof Gryniewicz who builds clouds exclusively!!/album.php?id=1338165699&aid=2071263

Mar 23, 2011

NPG Music Club Memories

Damn I miss this website!

Out of all the various sites Prince has had over the years I think this was the best one. As usual it didn't last long but I do remember playing with that mixing board for hours! I always got lost going up and down those stairs and not remembering where they would lead me to! I recall clicking on the cloud guitar above the fire place where you could order one or both of the white and rave blue clouds! It took me awhile but I finally got the nerve to click the purchase button for the white that was alot of money then and still is but it was worth it....I just regret not grabbing the blue one as well before the site shut down (Damn!) I guess I wouldn't be sitting here writing this if it wasn't for the NPG site so thank you Prince and Sam J. for designing it!