Mar 6, 2011

Ergo Cloud Pt. 3

A few words from the creator of the Ergo Cloud.
The Ergo Cloud came about because Purple Rain is the catalyst for my becoming a musician in the first place, and also a guitar designer... I started getting sick about 10 months ago, and found out a few months into it that I had kidney stones that demanded surgery (recuperation time is FINALLY drawing to a close!), so until then, I had to spend several hours a day curled up on the couch, or soaking in epsom salts.. In an effort to keep from going completely crazy (debatable still), it occurred to me that just such a distraction was needed.. I felt like a worker at the GM plant getting to assemble that first groovy car that inspired them to become a 'car guy' when they were kids.. It was very therapeutic... Of course, I had to put a bit of a 'twist', as I wasn't about to just paint it white, and put EMG's in it.. I wanted a warmer, 'vintagy' vibe akin to the rhythm tracks Wendy Melvoin was putting on Prince albums both sonically, and visually.. You just can't beat the tone combination of Honduran Mahogany and hard Maple with P-90's, and I've always been a sucker for a Burst finish! The cream roses were another way for me to 'stamp' this icon a little without taking anything a way from the original design..
Welcome to the Dawn indeed!

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