Jun 26, 2011

A Sexy Red Cloud

A very cool and rare "Red" cloud guitar! I've only seen and posted one other Red Cloud but that was was just a thin mock up of the cloud made to hang on a wall. This would of been perfect for the LRC performance at Montruex Jazz festival! This reminds me of the cover and model on the madhouse albums! Thanks to Rick Knight for sharing this photo!

Jun 25, 2011

Prince Figurines & Cloud Guitars Pt. 2

I finally located the source of these figurines that I posted a few weeks ago (see link below). It's from a Japanese website and I think it's related to the Kazuo art that we have been seeing for quite a few years now or it might possibly be Kazuo himself! I'm not quite sure because I can't read the text but I'm sure someone out there will let me know! These are some really great and detailed works of art in my opinion especially with the guitars! He has also fashioned a few Symbol guitars as well as the Hohner! Like I've said before....there doesn't seem to ba an end to the cloud guitar life as long as these artists keep creating! Come on Prince dust your clouds off and give us a show!

Jun 23, 2011

Purple Rain Cloud Guitar Cake

Wow! That's all I have to say about this beautiful birthday cake! This birthday cake was ordered by a big Prince fan who had to be very happy when she saw it for the first time. The details are just amazing from the purple rose petals to the motorcycle with the the Kid & Apollonia on it to the main feature, the white cloud guitar! It almost looks like you could pick it up and play it! Believe it or not I have posted a few prince inspired cakes on this blog but this on takes the cake (Yeah I know that pun was lame)! "Made Fresh Daily Cakes" are the creators of this beautiful cake and I'll put the link down below so you can see more pictures of this and some other wonderful creations from them. I have a feeling they may be getting a few Purple pastry orders!

Jun 22, 2011

Golden Clouds

Check out the background .....a circle of golden cloud guitars! It looks very similar to the circle of clouds on the interactive CD. I have a feeling that there connected!

What The?

The Rave era cloud guitar on display from the Hard Rock Cafe for all to see but for some reason they stuck it next to the Bieber's skateboard! Yeah thats real hard rock!

Jun 19, 2011

Lost Cloud Art

I had almost forgotten about this drawing I did of Gemini from the Batdance video years ago. I remember watching the premiere of the video in my dorm room and blown away by it! Normally my room was packed with people but I watched it alone that night....I guess they didn't realize the importance of the moment....LOL! I was so inspired by the video that I drew this up in just a few hours! Not long after this I transferred to another base and had it packed away in one of my sketchbooks! It ended up in a box in my sisters basement for the last 20 years (thanks April) until I picked it up last Christmas. When I went through my stuff I came across it again and it was like seeing it for the first time! I had totally forgotten I even drew it and to see it with the black cloud guitar displayed dead in the center of it was a nice surprise!

I hoped it would scan well and with a little touching up here it is! I know I'm not the best artist in the world but I tried to capture that bat moment in time!

Jun 12, 2011

The Cleveland Show Cloud!

I haven't seen this particular episode of "The Cleveland Show" so I'm not sure what situation led to Cleveland Jr. being dressed up like Prince and holding a purple Cloud but I've been scouering the net trying to find the clip and when i do i'll post it! I got the pic from http://paisleypark.tumblr.com/

Jun 10, 2011

Ghostly Cloud Cover Art!

How cool is this alternate version of the SOTT cover art! Now I've always loved the original version with the peach cloud guitar laying on the floor but i think this would of worked just as well!

Jun 7, 2011

Dire Cloud!

If any of you are as old as I am you should remember the Dire Straits video and song "Money For Nothing"! Well Eric Beck did a digital likeness of the Kid with his Iconic white cloud in the same style as that video! As soon as I saw it brang back some great memories of the 80's.....man they played this video to death (when the used to play videos) but it was good to hear it again and even better with this great work of art to go with it! Thanks Eric!

Jun 3, 2011

Ying And Yang Clouds

These are Kai's Clouds! A very nice collection if I do say so myself!

Jun 1, 2011

A Savage Cloud!

Paul Savage posing with a Rave Blue cloud guitar from his friend Jimmy's tribute band! I can also see a white cloud on the left in the background! Sounds like a good time!