Jun 25, 2011

Prince Figurines & Cloud Guitars Pt. 2

I finally located the source of these figurines that I posted a few weeks ago (see link below). It's from a Japanese website and I think it's related to the Kazuo art that we have been seeing for quite a few years now or it might possibly be Kazuo himself! I'm not quite sure because I can't read the text but I'm sure someone out there will let me know! These are some really great and detailed works of art in my opinion especially with the guitars! He has also fashioned a few Symbol guitars as well as the Hohner! Like I've said before....there doesn't seem to ba an end to the cloud guitar life as long as these artists keep creating! Come on Prince dust your clouds off and give us a show!


  1. Translation:


  2. Hello.

    Last year,I met him at Prince's Party Tokyo.
    And ask those.
    He said....
    Cloud guitar is his favorite guitar.
    He bought Sugizo's Edoward Cloud by auction.

    If order to made mini cloud or other gutar,
    it will cost about $100.

  3. How can I purchase a Prince figure with his guitar? At what cost?

  4. To my knowledge these figurines are not for sale. They were created by a Japanese artist. The link to his website is on the post.

  5. I want to buy also that prince figurine.
    So i looked on that website,but i can t read japanese.
    Is there an easy way to find this object.
    Can you help me?