Feb 28, 2015

Prince or should I say Troy Gua's LPP iconic performance on SNL doing "Electric Chair" in 1989. Ohhhh....if a man is considered guilty 4 what goes on in his mind then give me LPP 4 all my future crimes yeah! I think I should rename my site LPPCLOUDCENTRAL cause it just keeps getting better and better!

Feb 24, 2015

SOTT with LPP!

Wow....check out these two images of Le Petit Prince set in the SOTT movie era! The first iconic image is from "The Cross" and the second is from the "I could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" guitar solo at the end if I'm not mistaken! Troy Gua nailed again....each on better than the last or maybe I should say just as great! I love the detal in his images from that cool jean jacket to the background but those poses and facial expressions are perfect! ....just perfect.

Feb 17, 2015

LPP up in the Clouds!

Wow.....I'm seriously running out of words to describe these amazing recreations featuring Le Petit Prince by Troy Gua! He's absolutely been killing it lately with some classic Prince moments! Lets not forget the photograph itself........so full of color and depth! Oh yeah, I have to mention that killer white cloud front and center! LOL....I have to just smile at this! Thank you Troy Gua!
I said now overcast days never turned me on, but something bout the clouds and LPP mixed!