Apr 21, 2014

The Eye Bass....Coming Soon!

Damn it just keeps looking better and better! Reithen is just doing a fantastic job on the Warwick Eye Bass! 

The Gua Has Arrived!

Wow....I'm still shocked that this 4' x 4' amazing work of art of the purple one is hanging up on my living room wall! Believe me when I say that pictures do not do it justice! Artist Troy Gua is constantly creating these amazing works that leave my jaw hanging open! I remember seeing the first images of his Le Petit Prince a few years ago now and thought "Hmmmm....now this is something really cool and different" and it has just gotten better and better! Thank you so, so much Troy!  

Apr 5, 2014

Original Cloud Bass!

This video has escaped me over the years but here it is featuring the original cloud style bass played by Andre Cymone and the Orr guitar played by Prince!

Apr 4, 2014

Black Cloud, Prince Edwards?

Now I'm gonna start off by saying that I can neither confirm or deny this story but I stumbled upon a black Edwards cloud owned by Antonio Eye on facebook. He told me that it was given to him by Prince at a jam session! To my knowledge Prince has never been associated with Edwards but with Prince you really never know do we? Your thoughts? You can check out some of Antonio's video's on his FB Page.


Apr 2, 2014