Mar 12, 2011

Cloud Case?

I've been asked about cases for the cloud guitar alot lately and the only thing I've seen are the universal type cases. I've never seen a case specifically made for the cloud but I would think you could get a basic rectangle type universal case where you could adjust the foam to the shape of the cloud. Below is a link to a case made by Schecter of all people (how cool is that?) who makes a universal hard shell case. Now you would think that they would have the dimensions in the description but they don't! The Scetcher Cloud in just under 38" but if you have a custom the size may be a little different. The only dimension they give are the shipping dimensions and they all seem to be about 44" so I'm not a 100% sure that it will fit but there are many other companies that make cases so I'm sure there is one out there that would fit our beloved cloud! The Cloud guitar has such a unique shape I would be carfeul if you decide to get a molded one.

I saw this Schecter bass case over at and it looks like it would fit but unfortunately you won't know until you get it and thats not a great way to go about finding one but for now I'll keep on looking!

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