Aug 9, 2011

OOH! What A Cloud!

"OOH" is the name of the band that Matthew Hodge plays in up in northern California and he will bring out his custom cloud guitar in occasion to jam with! This is a truly unique cloud guitar and I've seen alot! From what I can tell it is more of a cream color with a funky swirl circling around the duel pick-ups! Matthew tells me that it's a Pro Ceed (by Edwards/ESP)- Sugizo custom. On the head it has a double curl instead of one which gives it even more uniqueness! It also is sporting some cool designs between the frets! This is an all around cool cloud guitar and this band has a new fan!
This is the link to one of the bands videos. In the video he's using a "Talk Box" with the cloud.....thats a first for me! How cool is that!

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