Jun 27, 2012

The Le Petit Prince Invasion!

Just doing some posing with my toys and some art work created by the very talented  Troy Gua.


  1. I really dig the yellow cloud, how much did that one cost you if I may ask?

  2. that is a good price, is it handmade and if so, where did you have it done.
    that would be my next guitar if I would find the money (lol) I own a real hs anderson madcat and a hohner the prinz now, they are also really good guitars

    thanks for the reply!!!

    greetz and keep funkin'

  3. The white cloud guitar I bought from Schecter Guitars when they were selling them back in 2000. The natural wood grain cloud guitar was made for me by Jesse Blue about 2 years ago for $1.200.00. I don't know the original origins of the yellow cloud though. I'm thinking about trying to make one for myself when ever I get some time. The Hohner (The Artist) I got for $800.00 about a year ago. I'm enjoying them all....If ya get the opertunity to get one...do it!

  4. I would really like some more pics of the yellow cloud if it's possible.
    You could maybe ad a soundfile or so, so I can hear the guitar also please?

    thanks in advance