Sep 1, 2010

Sean's Snow Cloud

Here's a beautiful homemade Cloud guitar in the Rave Blue color. It looks great set with the snow in the background! I believe this is Sean's first attempt in building a cloud guitar and from what I can see he did a great job! Be careful may be getting some Cloud orders soon!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! love the swirl and the paint job..Great Job!! very nice

  2. Thanks!

    It's not an exact replica, by any stretch. But I'm pretty happy with it. I definitely learned alot while I was making it. I still don't have the wiring right, but I'll get there.


  3. Nice can only get better from here!! Great job!! U inspire me 2 wanna try making one myself!! LT!!! LOL! I'll B over soon!! (No Falcons jersey!)