Sep 1, 2010

Black Bell Cloud On ebay!

They are asking $3,000.00 for it....I'm tempted but I think I've bought enough toys for one year! The Fretboard Music Co. is proud to introduce some very cool, very innovative, very toneful, Bell Custom Guitars. Bell Custom Guitars are meticulously handcrafted for quality, value and expression. Fusing the finest quality tone wood and EMG pickups, and the art of new design achieves a truly unique creation! This one is the Bell Custom Guitars The Cloud Guitar also a familiar shape that can be associated with Prince with a distinct tone! The Cloud Guitar is a Custom build and just turned out fantastic!
Body: Maple
Pickups: EMG's
Fretboard: Rosewood
Scale: 25.5"
Neck profile: Medium, 1.695"


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