Mar 13, 2017

So Sexy!

Beautiful Color Cloud Art

Leg Art!

Arm Art!


Just Hangin Out!

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White Edwards Cloud!

Mar 12, 2017

More Spot Art!

One day I just went crazy with some vinyl stickers and spotted up my cloud a few years ago just for fun and posted it on this I keep coming across the same type of pattern so i had to put them all together!

Prince Quilt by Betsy Shannon

Mar 9, 2017


Wow...this is a really nice cloud! I love the unique (Blue Angel) color. Not too many like that around and seeing what some clouds are going for these days $2,800.00 (starting bid) isn't out of the question!

Mardi Gras......Biggest Cloud Ever?

Awesome.....somebody put a lot of work into this! Not sure of the dimensions but I have to say it has to be the biggest cloud guitar I've ever seen!

Watercolor Cloud

Mar 6, 2017

62'Standard Tele Guitar Pickgaurd!

Michael Shannon Shelby gave me the heads up for these amazing Tele pickgaurds for under $20.00. If you need to funk up your Hohner / ya go!

The guy selling these, is also selling blank sheets of this same leopard grain material. Just in case someone wants to cut out the bottom bridge part for their Madcat copy. keep it funky y'all!