Dec 9, 2011

Yellow Cloud 4 Sale?

At the time I'm posting this there is only an hour and a half left to bid on this yellow cloud guitar! I can't believe this is up to $15,500.00! I would love to have it but that,s way to rich for my blood! They don't seem to offer much in the way of authentication but it is said to be the one that has been in the Smithsonian that was donated to them by Prince.


  1. Well it says the lot is closed so I assume someone purchased it .......congrats to who ever it was!

  2. Fake. The horn's/scroll shape isn't as silky as the one on display. Also, the scroll on the head looks amazingly "cheap" compared to the Smithonian's one. $30.000,00 for fun...

  3. Well I would never spend that amount of money on anything unless Prince hands it to me himself!

  4. I agree its a fake. whomever bought it got ripped off big time.

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