Mar 12, 2013

One Of 28?

I got this very interesting and cool e-mail from "Angelo" last week about an early cloud that could be one of the orginal cloud prototypes made for Prince by Andy Beech. I'll post it below...let me know what you all think!

Same kind of serial number on this yellow cloud. Hmmmm....should I call them?

I own a very unique cloud guitar that has a very interesting story. I bought this guitar about 9 or 10 yrs ago could have been longer. I bought this guitar on Ebay from a seller who stated it once resided at paisley park and was one of the first prototypes made by Andy Beech for Schecter. It has all the characteristics of prince's stage guitar and the craftsmanship on this guitar is beautiful and amazing but doesn't have the long horn on the headstock. It has all schaller hardware, brass nut, brass truss rod cover, has single coil pickup mounted through body, and EMG active pickups. I do own a schecter version of the cloud guitar as well and let me tell you HUGE difference in craftsmanship and this guitar is NOT a schecter. The scroll on this guitar is fatter and has way more detail (see pics). The scroll at the bottom of guitar is thinner and not as deep like on the schecter, looks way cleaner and neat. It also has prince symbols on the side of the neck and has a prince symbol on the 12th fret and has heart on the 19th fret. Whats also unique about this guitar is the head stock isn't tilted back like the schecter ones it is straight (see pics). It also has a black & silver label on the back of the guitar with a serial number which I have seen similar labels on some of prince's guitars like on the rave concert. If you look at the guitar while he swings it around on the song “Always in my hair” you can see the same label thats on this guitar (see pic). Im using this as a reference not implying he played this guitar because I have no proof. But what I do have proof of after all these years is that it was made by andy beech. After all these years I wanted to clarify the story behind this guitar, so I reached out to andy and emailed him pics of the guitar to see if he would recognize his own work in which most artist do and had a brief phone conversation to confirm (I do have a screen shot of that email for you to see). Just thought I would share this story with all the cloud guitar lovers out there.

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  1. That is verrry interesting...looks like the real deal everything kinda adds up...CALL THEM!!