Mar 22, 2014

Yes Please!

Reithen Satire Curtis has been a very, very busy boy!

Prince Prints! thats a flamboyant Prince image but really cool! I love the Rave era and I'm diggin the blue cloud! Both of these are for sale and they do have other prince items available if you do a search on the website....have fun!

This image below has to be one of the most minimal prince images ever......the cloud is a dead giveaway though!

Mar 18, 2014

Inverted Cloud!

This gentleman's name is Ed Harcourt and he is left handed but plays with a right handed guitar inverted!! I was told he was playing "Purple Rain" on this at the time!  How cool is that? I was told that this cloud was bought from the NPG store when they first started selling them! Behind him on the wall in the frame is a guitar strap that was actually use by Prince! He has some really cool items there if you ask me!

Chris Rains New Cloud!

Wow....he nailed it on this one! Looks exactly like a Schecter but it's not, it's an exact replica of one! Great job Chris! I love the fret symbols and the gold hardware! When asked if he is selling it he said maybe for the right price....hmmmm! 

Mar 13, 2014

Apollonia & The Kid!

What a great work of art that was posted on Apollonia's FB page from a friend of hers! I'm loving the cloud....yes it's yellow but it's still badass! Great job VS.....who ever you are! How has it been 30 years?

Framed Cloud!

I wonder how long it will take Prince to figure out the plans for his cloud guitar are missing? LOL, Shhhhh....I won't tell Lisa! Nicely done....would love to have that on my wall!

Mar 11, 2014

Pawel's White Cloud!

Looking real nice man!  Strat style bridge, 24 frets, 2 EMG's!

Mar 9, 2014

I Want One! ...or Two!

L.T.'s been a busy man coming up with some really cool cloud stuff like these! If they do go into production I wanna be on the list!

L.T.'s Cloud Art

L.T. said winter has given him too much, please don't stop L.T.!

BassKilla's Doves Strap!

I have to say I love this strap the BassKilla has for his bass cloud! This is what it sounds like when the bass cries!

Gold Mini Cloud

Steve Bennett showinf off these awesome gold mini cloud and symbol guitars!