Jun 21, 2014

$ String Ergo Bass Cloud Update!

This ones gonna be sweet! Can't wait to see it with the clear coat and hardware on it!

Jun 20, 2014

Mini Cloud Undate!

How cool is that? Mr. Winks mini cloud is coming along just fine and it's just about as big as he is at the moment...lol! Gonna be awesome.....can't wait to see it finished! Great job Reithen!

Rick Knight's Sexy Cloud Art! 4 Sale!

Here's some really cool cloud guitar art featuring some sexy ladies with the rare red cloud! This art is for sale....give Rick a shout if your interested!

Jun 5, 2014

The Funky 4 String!

R U seeing this? Checkout the latest cloud bass from Jesse O'Neal that he's building for a friend and I know he's gonna be happy with that! I love this creative twist on the cloud, "Gone B Funky!"