Feb 12, 2017

White Cloud @ The 2017 Grammy's

Well I'm sure you have seen the Bruno Mars tribute to Prince at the 2017 Grammy Awards by now! It was quite shocking to see the white cloud guitar on stage being played by someone else but I think Bruno did a good job. I have to say I don't think anyone will ever truly capture that Prince energy  but I give Bruno for trying. The cloud is a Schecter made obvious by the large logo on the head stock but I did love the symbol fret markers that were on it. Well I think that has to be the last official award show tribute to Prince and I think it's time to let that go. It still hurts and I feel that it always will. #PRINCE4EVER #WHITECLOUD

1 comment:

  1. Interesting story as to how Bruno came to be playing this Cloud at the Grammys here: http://www.simivalleyacorn.com/news/2017-03-03/Community/Fans_Cloud_rises_to_the_Grammys.html

    I can't explain why there are pictures of apparently 3 different guitars in the article though (note presence/absence of Prince symbol and Schecter logo on headstock, as well as "Duncan Designed" vs. EMG pickups). The article mentions Greg Cox owning a blue Cloud too. Maybe he owned multiple white Clouds?