Jul 21, 2012


The Prince tribute band Endorphinmachine posing with the rave blue and white cloud guitar!
Dale - Prince
Paddy - Guitars
Marcellus Drums / Samples
Ryan - Bass
Shack - Keys / Loops/ Samples
Iain - Alto / Tenor / Sop Sax / Flute
Jamie - Trumpet
Kate - Backing Vox / Percussion
Jess - Backing Vox / Percussion


  1. Is it à joke ???

  2. ? is what a joke??? i can't understand how someone could look at pictures of a guitar on a guitar page and ask 'is this a joke'??? it looks like a cloud guitar to me??? no wonder you're anonymous???

  3. It's no joke, It's the tribute band "Endorphinmachine" and a really good one at that! There are quite a few tribute bands and Prince impersonators out there who use the cloud guitar in there act or band! I think it's awesome!