Feb 14, 2013

White Symbol Guitar Debate?

This style of cloud guitar was for sale from Schecter in the 2000 catalog. I can't speak to the authenticity of the one thats up for sale on eBay right now but just on looks it seems genuine. I have also seen this style without the symbol on it as well. We all know the symbol came much later so it could not of been on the guitar in 84'. Yes there are some discrepancies in his discription about it but I'm leaning toward it being real but with these things you just have to make your own decision. Honestly you can never be 100% sure and I have never seen this version in person but even if it wasn't original it would still be a cool thing to have....but you all know i'm a little biased!

The photo below does have a number stamped into it on the bottom of the neck...hmmm

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