May 27, 2017

Sometimes It Snows In April (Book)

I got a very cool e-mail from a guy who wrote a book all about Prince with one of the chapters dedicated to his guitars. He has been a fan his whole life and he also has his own artwork in the book as well! He is trying to get it translated and published for the U.S. so we will have a chance to get it! He sent me a few photos of it posing with his beautiful rave blue cloud guitar! 
Thank U Rudy

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  1. Dear Digifuwill,
    I want to thank U 4 Ur kindness and 4 creating this wonderful blog.
    I've been a Prince’s fan 4 many years and I wanted 2 share this great passion by writing this book "PRINCE. A volte nevica in aprile”.
    It is currently available only in Italian but I’m providing 4 English translation and I hope 2 find a publisher in the US., to share with U all my thoughts and my passion.

    Peace and B Wild, Rudy Giorgio Panizzi.
    This is my contact 4 all: