May 28, 2011

Beautiful Ergo Cloud On ebay!

Ok people......another stunning ergo cloud guitar is up for's just like his original cloud but this one he has some amazing inlay work on the front and back! He's asking $1999.00 (great price) for this beauty but you might get it for less if you bid on it! The ebay link is below....good luck to who ever gets this cloud!

May 26, 2011

Interactive Clouds

These screen shots were taken from the Prince Interactive CD. I just recently looked through it again and discovered that in the club area there are a circle of different color cloud guitars on the wall! Hmmmm....I think I might have to do some redecorating. I wish it was a better resolution so i could enlarge it but it was considered hi res in 94'! Anyway I thought it was a cool cloud sighting....thank goodness it wasn't lost forever!

Building The Ergo "Jem-N-eye" Cloud!

Jesseblu sent me photos as he was building Jem-N-eye and I got more excited every time I got a new one! When I first saw it would be a double cloud my jaw hit the floor then I saw that he inserted LED lights in the fret mark dots and it blew my mind! I love the fact that it's a guitar and a sitar! It came together nicely and it's something I know Jesseblu will enjoy his beautiful Cloud guitar for a long time to come!

May 20, 2011

Introducing Jem-N-eye!

From Jesseblu........the 'grand unveiling' of 'Honey'- My personal 'Cloud' guitar.. I first got the idea last September when I was in so much pain all the time (kidney stones), and it was an excellent diversion!.. The top neck is a sitar, the bottom, a standard electric.. (Christina came up with 'Gemini', which I re-spelled {Jem-N-eye) according to the traditions of Our Purple Yoda.. I think that might be the one that sticks over 'honey' since His Purple Attitude IS in fact, a Gemini
The all maple beasty IS a bit hefty (but happily balanced- Many double necks are 'neck heavy'- Not this one!), but sounds friggin' awesome! All that maple vibrating with every note! Aside from primo pickups, etc., I opted for the 'Tone Styler' module from Stellartone rather than a conventional tone knob- It's WELL worth it, as I can get this thing to go as dark as any Gibson hollow body with a few clicks without it sounding like somebody's put a pillow over your speakers- AND it's passive!
Right on with the purple LED's (they show up slightly blue in pics- in some light, it looks almost white, but it's as close to purple as mere mortals can manage) Great for dark stages!

The Ergo Rose Cloud!

Yes this could be yours! It's the Ergo Rose cloud, another stunning and beautiful cloud guitar from Jesseblu over at Ergo Instruments! It's an natural wood finish with the classic sunburst design not to mention all of the intricate inlay work on the body, neck and head! I promise to post the ebay link as soon as it is up for sale! Let the bidding begin!

May 19, 2011

Arsenio 1991

Prince on the Arsenio show back in 91' playing Cream and Purple Rain with the Yellow Cloud!

May 17, 2011

Prince Figurine & Cloud Guitar

Here's a great Prince doll or action figure....I'm not sure exactly what to call it but this one is featured with the Blue Angel Cloud! I wish I had more details about who created this and where it was made but I don't, but if I had to guess I think it's Japanese. It has some great detail in the face from what I can see. I think whoever did it they did a great job especially with the mini cloud! If I come across any info about it I'll pass it on!

May 16, 2011

Orange Cloud Art!

Is this cool or what? A beautiful creation of the orange cloud from Eyranne over at I love stumbling on things like this now and then and I'm glad I got lucky and found it.....and the fact that it's done in orange makes it that much more special....we all know how mysterious that orange cloud has been! Thanks again Eyranne for creating this Princely jewel and feel free to let me know if you do anymore cloud inspired art!

May 15, 2011

Pawel's Cloud Before And After!

Your gonna have watch it in slow motion to keep up with Pawel!