Jan 17, 2016

My Old NPG Catalog!

Wow, I never thought I'd find this catalog....I knew I had it somewhere! As far as I know this was the first time I had seen a cloud guitar for sale through Prince / NPG. I don't think it was even a website at this point. The white and blue clouds didn't go on sale until around 2000-01. I remember having this for awhile and seeing the yellow cloud on the back cover but I never realized it was one of the items for sale because the info for it was just randomly placed in the middle of the catalog. Even though it was only a few pages long I still seemed to over look it? I have to say when I noticed the price I was a little shocked! Damn....5k! Yeah, that would of been way out of my price range anyway! LOL  

 I would have to assume these clouds might of been played by the Kid himself and I don't know if any were ever sold or how many were available but it's cool to see this again. I wish he would do more stuff like this but we all know he hates to look back. 


  1. We did sell some of the clouds, two of them to be exact, shipped in a custom fit anvil case.

    1. Hi and thanks for responding. So cool that they sold two of them. Yellow clouds are so rare. Did you work there? I bought a few t-shirts and symbol pins and some guitar picks. There was some awesome stuff available. Thanks again for the info. Take care. Digifuwil