Jun 27, 2016

B.E.T 2016 Prince Celebration

Wow....where do I start? Honestly I had no intention of watching the B.E.T. Awards tonight I was just kind of tired of the whole tribute thing and hearing Purple Rain and all those somber songs over and over again. Well the curiosity got the best of me so i switched over to it and sure enough they were pulling out all the usual stuff....not that it wasn't good but I was just tired of it. A while later I switched back to see Janelle Monae's Performance which perked me up a little bit! She has a lot of energy which is what most of these tributes are lacking! I was in and out for awhile then Sheila E came on and did her thing! She killed it and I was shocked to hear her going into "America" of all songs...LOL, Nice! Then at the end of the performance she raised the cloud guitar over her head with Mayte and Jerome Benton and other former members of Princes bands with her. It was truly unexpected and a great moment! I'm glad I caught that part! Thanks for the screen caps Lisa!

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