Jul 3, 2010

Black Edwards Sugizo Cloud

This Black Cloud is definitely a unique one. It was on a Japanese web site for sale for about 88,000 Yen which is about $1,000.00 I think. It is not the usual Prince cloud as you can tell from the three pick-ups and the whammy bar! I've never seen a whammy bar on a Cloud before but I would love to see it in action! The Brand was Edwards and the artist was said to be Sugizo. A very nice and unique Cloud!

1 comment:

  1. There is one for $550 on Ebay right now. No back cover plate, a bit beaten up, nothing on fretboard, Floyd Rose though....which is worth $150 alone. I'd strip the thing down, sand it, repaint it...add some duncan's and you are set for under $1000 to whatever color you want. Plus it has the ROSE, which is a huge bonus.