Jul 17, 2010

Edzeeland's "Slammin" Purple Rain Solo

Wow....is all I have to say about that! That deserves a standing ovation! If I could do half as good as that on my cloud I would die a happy man! This is Edzeeland doing an amazing Purple Rain solo on his Peach Cloud.....or what I think is a Peach cloud (correct me if I'm wrong about that!) Don't worry about practicing too much Ed....it sounded great to me! I have to rank that solo right up there with Syracuse 85' and the AMA's performances! Thanks again for the great video...I'm sure all the Cloud guitar lovers out there will appreciate it!


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  2. Digifuwil Hi, I'm well shy of your compliments. Thank you also for listening and that you have enjoyed, I did not expect this.
    You're quite right it's the peach cloud version built sometime in '95
    with a guitar builder in the Netherlands.
    Again thank you also for placing the guitar!

    Greetings from Edward Helsdingen

  3. standing ovation from NYC ED niiiiiiiiiiiiice job!!

  4. What effects are being used on the guitar.......sounds amazing.