Jul 8, 2010

The Fender Cloud?

I was dreaming when I made this......forgive me if it goes astray!
The photo below is Prince playing his powder blue fender on "Good Morning America" to promote the planet Earth album back in 2007.
I came across this wondeful illustration of Prince playing this Fender which I'm sure was inspired from his GMA performance. The artist patski22 who created it decided to make his guitar a combination between the Fender and the Cloud which is just awsome if you ask me! http://patski22.deviantart.com/galler/#d1koyyv

Well you know me......I couldn't leave it like that! Just like this artist was inspired to create this awsome work of art I was also inspired to see what it would really look like and do one of my own! Now as much as I like the Fender he uses these days I would love to see him just change the color of the cloud to go with his current look but I don't think he'll be doing that unfortunately so I opended up my photo software and went to work just to see what a Fender / Cloud hybred would look like for real and this is how it turned out! I think I could see him playing this!

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