Jul 3, 2010

Raspberry Beret

This was the White Clouds first sighting after Purple Rain. There certainly were alot of clouds in this video. I wonder if this is where the Cloud guitar got it's name or if it was called that before? I'm sure somebody out there could answer that! Just like when Appolonia gave him the guitar in Purple rain a cute girl in a Raspberry Beret sitting on the side of the stage hands it to him. Then he does that weird cough thing.....he said he did it just to be weird but I thought it was funny. The video is cartoon like with alot of bright colors and images which really make the White Cloud stand out!


  1. that girl that hands Prince the guitar from the stage turns out to be "Woodys" gf on cheers..or so i have read before.

  2. Really? I had not heard that before......I've always wondered who she was? Lol....well at least he didn't slap her after she gave it to him!