Jul 31, 2010

A New Addition!

No it's not another Cloud.....It's the Hohner HTA490 reproduction of the Prinz Telecaster that I've been waiting on for months! I hope in time I will get another Cloud but until then I'm more than content with these two beauties!
Here is a link where I purchased the Hohner if your interested....it's a great collectible to have for only $800.00!


  1. Hi! Do you have a post reviewing your Hohner? I'm debating what to get first: a Cloud or a Hohner tele. If I get a cloud, i'm having Bell Custom Guitars make me one. If you could tell how you like the hohner, that would be cool!

  2. I've never done a review on it on my blog but there was a good discussion about the Hohner over on prince.org. I have a few comments about it on there. Here is a link to it http://prince.org/msg/7/370349

    I love my hohner but I'm not a great guitar player. The cloud has always been my favorite but I've always wanted the Hohner and was lucky enough to get one. Hit me back if you want anymore info. Peace Gordon

  3. If ever you want to sell it I'm interested in buying it!!! I missed out on buying them when they offered them on amazon.com for $799!!!! Hit me up if u ever want to sell it (740) 632-5642 Ron