Jul 20, 2010

More Purple Cloud

Here are some more pic's of this Purple Cloud which is getting me more and more curious? There was a letter attached from Paisley Park Studios that read.......

Enclosed per our agreement is a Purple Cloud guitar....the guitar has been used by Prince in rehearsals and photo shoot in Minneapolis. We have packed the instrument securely for a safe journey to you. We trust it will be happy in it's new home, and appreciate our exclusive arrangements with you.

I didn't post the letter because there are some names on it but I think it looks pretty authentic. I'm just wondering which photo shoots it was used in? The person that sent me these photos also sent me a picture of Prince on That Guitar Plaer photo! Hmmmm....
Well where ever it is or where it came from thats one beautiful Cloud! Maybe I'll get to see it in person one day!
Here is a link to the previous post on this guitar.

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